Mr. Javed Rehmat

Managing Director

We started our journey with a mission to build beautiful homes and manufacture quality building products combining practicality with functional and  aesthetic qualities keeping in mind the changes in tastes and needs of modern lifestyles and our vision is to play a pivotal role to help resolve the housing problem thereby improving the quality of life of the people of Pakistan through introducing innovative entrepreneurial approaches and ultimately become the market leader.

Mr. Arshad Riaz

Admin & Marketing Manager

Quality management system and quality control of our services, as well as engineering services with the highest precision, is our top most priority to keep ahead of modern market demands so that our clients can retain their business relationships with us to your success is our mission.

Mr. Basharet Ali

Architect Designer (Consultant)

Our vision is to grow our business, while decoupling our environmental footprint from our growth and increasing our positive social impact.